Life Purpose - How To Find Your Reason For Living: How To Find Your Reason For Living

von Claire Perkins 
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Life Purpose - How To Find Your Reason For Living: How To Find Your Reason For Living
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Inhaltsangabe zu "Life Purpose - How To Find Your Reason For Living: How To Find Your Reason For Living"

This little book is a positive affirmation of how to rise like the phoenix from your past and create a positive future for yourself. This book explains how to discover your true life purpose using positive psychology and alternative therapeutic ideas. This is a must read for anyone whether you are looking for or have already found your true purpose in life.


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Verlag:Claire H Perkins

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    misspidervor 2 Jahren
    Nothing new

    This was the first book in this genre I've ever read. I had huge doubts as to whether this book could offer new insights and food for thought, as I have with most self-help books. Would it provide concrete practical advice that is easily realizable in everyday life?

    Unfortunately, my personal outcome from reading this book was a definite no. While the messages provided in this book are well-meaning and share a positive vibe, they added nothing new but repeated the usual suspects of self-understood phrases: love yourself, think positive, don't let yourself be guided by the opinion of others, do not be afraid of failure, make a list...

    Each chapter came up with another aspect, but also a lot of repetition, making me feel like I'd read the same platitudes wrapped in slightly different words over and over again. What also disturbed me was the blind eye the author turned towards everyday responsibilities which may, if not prevent, at least complicate the process of realizing one's life purpose. Therefore, the necessity for some sort of compromise should have at least been mentioned.

    So what did I personally gain from this little book for myself? I definitely was confirmed in my already existing believe that by trusting your own gut feeling and common sense you will be able to achieve something and live a satisfactory life.

    I admire the effort the author obviously put into writing this book. You can see that she really poured her heart and soul into it and that doing so she also found her own life purpose. Other readers may well gain something from reading the book, but for me it held no use.

    (I chose to read this book - all opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased)


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