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Clare Pooley, ehemalige Top-Werberin in einer Londoner Marketingagentur und Mutter von drei Kindern, eröffnete parallel zu ihrem Entschluss, sich endgültig vom Alkohol zu befreien, den Blog »Mummy was a Secret Drinker«. Und war völlig überrascht, wie viel Resonanz sie von Anfang an bekam: »Mach weiter so«, »Wie gut zu hören, dass es nicht nur mir so geht«, und: »Schreib ein Buch«. Hier ist es! Auch Tausende Leserinnen und Leser in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz lesen ihren Blog.

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Cover des Buches Chianti zum Frühstück (ISBN:9783407865397)

Chianti zum Frühstück

Erschienen am 12.09.2018
Cover des Buches The Authenticity Project (ISBN:9781787631793)

The Authenticity Project

Erscheint am 02.04.2020

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Freundschaft, Liebe und das Leben
CelinaSvor 2 Monaten

What drew me to this book first was the cover. It’s really beautiful and, if it weren’t for this review copy, it would have certainly been a „cover-purchase“. But I did also like the blurb and the idea behind the „project“. I think every one of us pretends to be better than we actually are on a regular basis and all of us know the feeling of everybody else having the near-perfect life while you’re struggling to stay on top.
What I liked most were the protagonists and the way they interacted. I could sympathize with them and really feel whether they liked one another or not.
Each chapter is written from the point of view of either of the six protagonists. I really enjoyed the chapters about Monica. She owns a cute and cosy little café and is trying to make life a little better for the people around her. She’s also the one I understood best: the way she felt and worried about certain things and how she likes to look after other people.
One person I very mixed feelings about, on the other hand, was Alice. She’s very self-centred and judges other people easily. I got annoyed with her soon after she’s introduced in the book. She’s always looking at her phone, more worried about what her followers think and see than about her family. But I also felt sorry for her. Alice was very naive about what it’s like to be a mother and she is overwhelmed by caring for a baby on her own.
When it comes to the plot, I liked that a lot of it was unpredictable. I feel like in many books you do know quite early on what is going to happen and how it might end. But The Authenticity Project puts forward a few surprises – some of them really jaw-dropping.
This book is a cosy little read, encouraging us to be more honest with the people surrounding us. It shows how friendships and love can come from opening up. Also, it shows being honest takes a lot of pressure off one’s shoulders to uphold the appearance of having the perfect life.


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