Dead Indian Wars (A Paranormal Western)

von Clark Casey 
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Dead Indian Wars (A Paranormal Western)
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After fending off an attack by the werewolf pack, the saloon is in shambles and half of the dead outlaws have been sent to Hell. Nigel, the lone vampire, takes up the job of sheriff in order to protect the only living boy in Damnation.

A second vampire, with whom Nigel has some history and still bears a grudge, comes to town. To make matters worse, an army of angry Indian warriors arrive, and they’re not too keen on sharing their spirit world with the soldiers who killed them.

A sudden scarcity of food and booze spurs the election of a hawkish mayor, who controls the vampires with an unlikely source of warm blood. Buddy and some ragtag gunslingers are left to defend their territory against an entire nation of dead Indians led by an invincible brave.

“A cast of delightfully distinctive, authentically funny outlaws, butting heads in a lazy afterlife saloon somewhere between heaven and hell define the setting of Casey’s weird western debut.”
—Publishers Weekly on Dawn in Damnation

“Bitingly Funny.” — on Dawn in Damnation

“Fueled by an out-of-this-world imagination, Clark Casey combines vampires, werewolves, the meanest of the mean, and the dumbest of the dumb into a very readable paranormal western.” —John Neely Davis, author of The Chapman Legacy on Dawn in Damnation


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    misspidervor 5 Monaten
    Solid sequel

    The sudden cliffhanger that ended the first book of the Damnation series all but forced me to read this sequel as well. I just had to know if and how the residents of Damnation would survive the threatening attack by the Indians (not to mention the nearby pack of werewolves).

    Like with the first book, the beginning was very slow and I almost lost interest in reading any further. While new characters entered Damnation, others left for good, and all of them were memorized with short articles in the Crapper, Damnation's one and only newspaper. There it was again, the familiar repetitiveness I already knew from the first book.

    But once the action started I, again, was glad I kept on reading and didn't give up too early. This time, Damnation is attacked by numerous hordes of Indians living just outside the city limits, and it doesn't look too good for our dead cowboys...

    Also, we learn more about Luther, the second vampire in town, and more light is shed on baby Martin, the only living thing here.

    A solid sequel, though I was disappointed there was no preview of a third book yet - I hope there will be one soon.

    (Thanks to Netgalley, the author, and the publisher for a copy of the book, all opinions are my own)


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