Claudia Gray; A Thousand Pieces of You (Firebird) by Claudia Gray (2014-11-04)


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Inhaltsangabe zu „A Thousand Pieces of You (Firebird) by Claudia Gray (2014-11-04)“ von Claudia Gray;

Spannend, fesselnd und mal etwas ganz anderes! Hat mir unglaublich gut gefallen!

— tuesdayblind

Unglaublich schöne Geschichte! Liebe, Intrigen, Dimensionsreisen und vieles mehr!

— Eliza

I'm so emotional Right now amazed from this Book it is such a Journey

— Büchermäuschen
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  • A thousand pieces of you but just one place called home.

    A Thousand Pieces of You (Firebird) by Claudia Gray (2014-11-04)


    26. January 2016 um 14:36

    A thousand pieces of you. We have a Family, a happy one. Everything is just find until.... There is the Mother Dr. Sophia Kovalenka The father Dr. Henry Caine The sister ( almost Dr. ) Josie And Marguerite Caine, who did grow up in an amazing family. Her parents are scientist(s) they research multiple dimension, parallel universes. For that or because of that they invented the firebird. Now the journey begins. "KILL PAUL MARKOV" Thanks to the firebird Marguerite can travel next door in another dimension but what is different there how far is the technic like cars, television or the Internet? Our planet is a big place when you have horses to deliver letters, how can you find one man there? But what would it be if fate was a real thing if your were connected to some people every time like your father and your mother? Marguerite wants to kill Paul but will she? And who is Theo? A lot of questions. don't worry they will all be answered if your read this amazing, breath taking book. And imaging what are you doing right now next door?

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