Clemens Pretzler Cashelicious


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Inhaltsangabe zu „Cashelicious“ von Clemens Pretzler

Meet Joseph, a struggling magician who just hit the bottom of his life. From a temporal illusion of a good life he wakes up into a gloomy reality: His job is a dead end, he is 90.000 £ in debt, if he doesn’t pay back the money by the end of the week, he will lose his house and his girlfriend. To complete the chaos he is already in, Joseph’s father, who he never met, comes into his life, via a funeral invitation - he is dead. To compensate Joseph’s loss, the company his father worked for, a shady mafia organisation, which doesn’t like to be described in detail, offers him quite a sum of money. Joseph is willing to take it for it would solve his financial problems and save his future. A mysterious Liv, a young woman, who seems to be somehow related to Joseph, was given the same offer. She suspects a trap or the attempt to murder them both. She tries to convince Joseph to decline, but he doesn't listen to her. But Liv has problems of her own, after a perfect date with the man of her dreams she lost her phone and is not able to reach him anymore. Maybe her roommate Beth can help her? And what is the strange leaf blower representative's role in all of this?

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