Clint Lukas Alive to Love and Strive


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Inhaltsangabe zu „Alive to Love and Strive“ von Clint Lukas

Clint Lukas’ relentless hero works hard, although he despises work; he produces movies, even though he hates movie people; he fancies himself a ‚ladies’ man‘, but constantly gets into fights with them. Why does everything always have to be so complicated? He’s not the one to blame. At least, that’s what he thinks. The Berlin author, stage poet and movie director presents a marvelous collection of brutally honest, headstrong and self-deprecating short stories, stories of himself as a byronic hero, a dawdling globetrotter, a sarcastic observer, always far from normal or ordinary. Defiant, furious, sarcastic, vivid and entertaining close to the pain threshold. WORK OF MOUTH is a showcase of popular Berlin stage literature, based on the MundWerk edition by Periplaneta publishing. The works are brief, concise, sometimes simply hilarious, sometimes quite painful, daring more often than not, and, as a rule, off-beat. They are written by authors with experience on stage, in capturing an audience, and in weekly deliveries of the best text they can provide.

Berlin needed a book like this!

— Vivienne_Pschel

Stöbern in Romane

Und morgen das Glück

Schöne Geschichte über die Achterbahnfahrt einer Frau, die alles verliert und ganz neu anfangen muss!


Sonntags in Trondheim

Nüchtern, präzise und dennoch mit unglaublichen Witz fängt Anne B.Radge das Leben ein.



Unbedingt lesen!


Eine allgemeine Theorie des Vergessens

Mir fehlen die Worte - für mich ein Meisterwerk.


Der Junge auf dem Berg

Großartiges Buch, das einen mitreißt, abstößt und zugleich so sehr fasziniert... Absolute Empfehlung!


Ein Gentleman in Moskau

einzigartig (gut)!


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  • A fantastic book in which every young Berliner may find him- or herself.

    Alive to Love and Strive


    26. March 2015 um 11:00

    Nobody else is able to pin down our everyday problems
    in different short stories in a more entertaining way.
    Berlin waited a long time for a book like this.
    It is full of life in a poetic way and a fantastic book in which every young Berliner may find him- or herself.