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Cover des Buches The House in Vienna (ISBN: 9781783061785)

The House in Vienna

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Cover des Buches The House in Vienna (ISBN: 9781783061785)

Rezension zu "The House in Vienna" von Colin Everard

Thriller and travelogue across Europe and Africa
BruceMvor 9 Jahren

This book is an enjoyable romp and thriller, a witness to the author's obvious love of both east Africa and Austria, and a passing interest in countries that struggle with the collapse of Communist rule - Viet Nam and the former USSR.
With a focus on the title's eponymous building, the book took us on a journey from the dusty plains of east Africa through the chilly streets of Vienna, with a nod to the spy-filled city of the 1950s and 60s to an unexpected conclusion.
This book would be a great read for someone interested in thrillers, travelogue and romance spanning continents lives and loves. A crumbling building and vicious crime set the framework for the book.
The author makes a strong case for old buildings to be properly maintained and loved, with everyone benefitting from owners to tenants.
Central European cities such as Vienna have an air of mystery, distilled from centuries of hosting political, cultural and artistic people and events. This book gives an insight into the modern day intrigue that exists within walls of some very beautiful buildings, peeling away levels of facade and exposing hidden motives of a disparate bunch of characters.


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