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Inhaltsangabe zu „Professor Crush“ von Corinne E. Victoria

Amelia has a crush on her sociology professor, Susan Alexander. This semester is winding down – Amelia and her boyfriend, Blake, plot a strategy to accomplish their goal, a threesome with their professor. A naughty and erotic short story with two girls and a guy. 7,500 words. Excerpt: "Susan slid between Amelia’s legs and kissed her hips. She bit tenderly her inner thighs. She noticed that Amelia's mound was completely smooth - she hadn't been this close to such a cute little thing since her first time. A surge of excitement coursed through her. She probed with her tongue and immediately adored her sweet salty tanginess. It was like a Sweet Tart encrusted spicy tuna roll. Susan made a mental note so that she could catalog it later on - always the professor. She pushed a finger inside Amelia, and then the second one. She was tight like a teenager - she must work out. She moved them in and out, slow at first. Amelia ran her fingers through Susan’s short blonde hair and moaned." Excerpt: "Blake unbuttoned his shirt and kicked off his pants and boxers. He lay next to Amelia and kissed her deeply. Amelia had a tongue in her pussy and a tongue in her mouth. Blake kissed her forehead and then her boobs. Susan worked her way from Amelia's pussy to her belly button and then joined Blake on her tits. Susan was tender and sensuous, Blake was rough and tumbled. For Amelia, the evening was a study of contrasts - man and woman, hard and soft, rigid and pliable - the possibilities were endless."
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