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Say You'll Stay (Return to Me Book 1)

Say You'll Stay (Return to Me Book 1)

Erschienen am 19.06.2016
The Consolation Duet

The Consolation Duet

Erschienen am 06.07.2015
Beloved (The Belonging Duet #1)

Beloved (The Belonging Duet #1)

Erschienen am 27.05.2014

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Say you`ll stay
Ute80vor 2 Jahren

Zach and Presley, from a small town in Tennessee, were each other’s first love and thought they were forever. But it didn’t. Presley is making a life with someone else in Pennsylvania, a full life with marriage and children. And then the unimaginable happens...her world implodes .She has literally lost everything, being forced to move back with her children to her home town. What she didn't count on was that he'd actually still be there.

One of the things I specifically loved most about this book was that this couple talked through their issues in an open way. It felt real.

This story is an love story of second chances, but it is also a beautiful story about a woman accepting fate and moving on.

I adored Zachary's brother Wyatt. He worked so hard to get them back together.

Oh, and the epilogue was PERFECT!  


Rezension zu "The Consolation Duet" von Corinne Michaels

I loved this Duet.
Lonechastesoulvor 2 Jahren

"My heart is yours, my love is yours, my days and all my nights are yours. I’ll hold you up, stand by you, and give you everything I have."

Natalie is a wife of a Navy SEAL and is pregnant with her first baby. She loses her husband in Afghanistan and, while she is completely shattered and heartbroken, she has to continue living for her child. Her husband's best friend Liam steps up to help her deal with the loss and offers the support she needs.

Any spoilers for this story would be such an injustice to anyone who is wanting to read it, so that’s why I’m being so tight lipped about the actual story. It’s one you’ll want to go into without knowing how it’s going to go.

If you have not read this book, or this series, you truly must. This is one of those books that will just make you feel everything. One you won’t forgot. This series is military related. It will give you a whole new level of respect for military families. Their struggles, their loyalties, their heartaches. Their strength. Their selfless sacrifices.

The Consolation Duet is a captivatingly beautiful story that gripped me from the very beginning. It has a fantastic heroine, a wonderful hero and the writing is superb. These books are  addictive, thrilling, emotional, romantic, sexy, and everything I could want in a series. This wonderful novel about loss, grief, hope and love sure gave me all the feels.

This this is my first Corinne Michaels book. And it will not be my last.


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