Cory Doctorow Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom


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Inhaltsangabe zu „Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom“ von Cory Doctorow

The prophetic debut novel from the visionary author fo LITTLE BROTHER, now published for the first time in the UK.

Stöbern in Fantasy

Rosen & Knochen

Wunderbar düstere Märchenadaption, die ich mehr als einmal lesen werde.


Die Chroniken der Verbliebenen - Der Kuss der Lüge

Top Buch! Hat mich sofort mitgerissen, kann ich jedem weiter empfehlen.


Das Erbe der Macht - Band 10: Ascheatem (Urban Fantasy)

was ist Traum, was ist Realität? wieder superspannend


Prinzessin Insomnia & der alptraumfarbene Nachtmahr

Verrückt, skurril und Interessant. Eine Reise nach Amygdala mit zwei komplett gegensätzlichen Protagonisten.


Die Bibliothek der flüsternden Schatten - Bücherstadt

Spannend und geheimnisvoll


Vier Farben der Magie

Einfach nur fantastisch! Wundervolle Charaktere, ein sehr interessantes World Building & jede Menge Spannung und Magie. Ich bin begeistert.


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  • Rezension zu "Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom" von Cory Doctorow

    Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom


    04. January 2012 um 22:44

    Sorry, I can´t give more than 2 stars because I´m afraid I didn´t understand this book. Lots of people say that this book is funny, but I never got as far as a smirk. The basic idea of a future world without death is nice, but not brandnew. The story itself is not very imaginative, the characters are replacable. And I didn´t understand some of the basic vocabulary: Bitchun, HUD, Whuffie, Ad-hocracy, coding sims. Ok, some of this is either more or less explained by the author or understandable in a context. But I found it really tiring to wonder if there´s a point I´m missing and if it´s just me. Also, the plot is set in Disney World (and some of the attractions are more or less the main characters rather than the people), and I´ve never been there so I really don´t know what the Hall of the Presidents or the Haunted Mansion are like, and therefore I´m only very little thrilled by the idea of those attrractions being changed or taken over by some bad guys. Some ideas reminded me of the great Stanislaw Lem, but Lem knows how to write a good stroy that takes you into another world. This story took me to Disney World only, and I did not enjoy it.