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Legend of the wolf star
misspidervor 3 Jahren

In order to mend their damaged marriage, Violet and Riley are going on vacation to Bowen Island. But then their hotel reservation is nowhere to be found and it seems they have to return home early. Out of pure luck, they encounter a strange woman who owns a house on the island. Though she is very reluctant at first, the couple manages to convince her to rent them her house.
Of course, that soon turns out to be a mistake, and weird things start to happen. By accident, Violet an Riley awaken some centuries-old legend, and soon the very creature appears - at first only in the mirror, but, of course, it wants to come out...

Things I loved about this book: the original concept, thus everything about Sourmouth, including the legend of his creation and of course the creature itself. I wished there would have been even more detail. Also, the writing was skillful and flawless, so reading the story went fluent and fast.

Thing I didn't like about this book: Violet and Riley's attitude. What would you do if you encountered strange goings-on in an old house and started to see a creepy, possibly dangerous creature everywhere? I surely wouldn't just stay put to 'experience the adventure of a lifetime'. The arguments between the couple where tiresome, sometimes even bordering on ridicule.

So while I savored the scenes where Sourmouth made an appearance, I tried to go over the dialogues as fast as possible. In the end, this was an entertaining creature feature with some fresh ideas and an original kind of 'monster'.

(I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review)


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