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Jese and Clare...
IraWiravor 3 Jahren

This is the second book in the series that I read and I really enjoyed it. Yes, they are rather predictable but nevertheless they are nice stories with very lovable characters. Well written, easy to read and charming. Those who have read the first book of the series will meet some old friends at Hope's Crossing. Especially Jo and Sam whose story is told in "The Hunter Bride" appear rather often and I also enjoyed the opportunity so see how their story goes on.

 Jesse Donovan and Clare Griggs are the hero and the heroine of "The Replacement Bride" . When Jesse's longtime sweetheart writes to tell him that she has found someone else and wouldn't come to Hope's Crossing to marry him, he is crushed. Although he has given up on love he still needs a wife so he decides to use the same matchmaking agency his friend Sam used to find Jo. When Clare arrives, she realizes that she is a kind of replacement bride. Even though both get along rather well, the idea of her being nothing but a replacement plagues her especially when Jesse insists that he will never be able to offer her love.

Seriously? I'm a bit frustrated and a bit annoyed as, at least when one is reading romance novels, almost every man seems to be desillusioned and feels himself incapable of ever loving again. Well, yeah, right - and that's why all these women get hellbent on hearing their husbands say that they love them no matter how much they show them what they feel it has to be the words or nothing. *rollseyes*

Okay, back to Jesse and Clare who do not only have to find their way around each other and figure out how much they mean to each other but also have to fight a rival trying to destroy Jesse's business. As he gets bolder and more determined things get really tough and more than one life is at risk..... I really enjoy these stories - that's why I read all of the books in this series, actually- despite my frustration this constantly recurring theme of spurned love and the resolving refusal to ever love again etc. They are entertaining and well constructed and I really love the characters and the way their tentative relationship blossoms.


Rezension zu "The Hunter Bride (Hope's Crossing) (Volume 1)" von Cynthia Woolf

Nice and enjoyable read
IraWiravor 3 Jahren

This Book is the first in the Hope Crossing Series by Cynthia Woolf. Each of the books is a standalone but the stories are all related. They are easy to read but well spun and entertaining.

When Sam Longworth sends for his demure mail order bride he has no idea that being demure will not turn out to be one of Jo Shafter's fortes. On the contrary Jo is a very strong and capable woman who might even be considered somewhat stubborn and independent. Only a teeny tiny bit of course, but... She really tries to be the wife Sam wants her to be but perhaps what he thinks he wants is not really what he needs. Years ago Jo's family was murdered. Their murderer was that last bounty Jo captured but - he can flee and he wants revenge. In order to find him and protect Jo the two of them have to work together and trust each other.

I really loved the hero and the heroine a lot. Jo's determination and her independent character and Sam, protective and accepting and quite a bit stubborn himself are a wonderful pair even though it's not just guns and roses for them. A killer on the loose and a new life together to build at the same time can be rather trying...

I really liked the book and can recommend it!


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