D. Walters Witchy Woman's Weekend (PARAnormal Press Presents a Quick One Book 2)


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Inhaltsangabe zu „Witchy Woman's Weekend (PARAnormal Press Presents a Quick One Book 2)“ von D. Walters

Witchy Woman's Weekend (A PARAnormal Erotica Quick One #2) Now that the sexy witch Danielle and her roommate Mandy are involved with the hunky Ben and his mysterious girlfriend Emily, Danielle wonders who has manipulated whom. She thought she was the one whose sex magick had ensnared Ben, but now she thinks Emily's the one who ensnared them all. When Ben invites Danielle and Mandy to the Hamptons for a wild weekend of unabashed sex, along with his friend Ron, it may not be as innocent as it seems. Someone wants them there, in that house, pairing off into twosomes, threesomes and group sex. But who? And why? Danielle and Mandy love the fast and loose lifestyle of free love, but a dark force has entered their lives. They're just not quite aware of it yet. But this person has power, and she has a grudge, and she has all the time in the world to weave her evil web. In the meantime, though, the sex is raw and hot and sexy. Witchy Woman's Weekend is another stop in the journey that will take Danielle and Mandy beyond anything they've ever experienced. Will they survive? Will they enjoy the sex? You decide. The Specifics Witchy Woman's Weekend is an erotic novella over 11,000 words in length. Included: an excerpt from the first Danielle and Mandy adventure, Witchy Woman, and two excerpts from PARAnormal Erotica Volumes 1 and 2. Please note, this is for adult readers only. Contains explicit sexual descriptions of happy straight/bi twosomes, threesomes, foursomes, with oral and anal sex. Brought to you by the folks who published PARAnormal Erotica Volumes 1 and 2. Edited by D. Walters. PARAnormal Erotica, by PARAnormal Press. Welcome to another PARAnormal Press Presents: A Quick One, a new direction in adult adventures of the naughty kind. PARAnormal Press presents a mix of encounter tales, some of which are exotic, futuristic, or even mysterious and occult, while others might remind you of your friends and neighbors if you could peek behind their curtains. Some tales will tantalize you with the supernatural, the dangerously criminal, and the fantastic. Exotic or normal, supernatural or dangerous, you can be sure the tales have one common element – they are hot. We're scouring the world for writers who know what turns you on, and we hope they'll succeed. Quick Ones is a series of self-contained short stories that run longer than average and present a more compact reading experience, and we hope a more intense one. Your editor, D. Walters, welcomes you to the second Quick One. Enjoy!
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