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Inhaltsangabe zu „Soul Healer, Soul Warrior“ von D.A. Smith

Mortovin put his hand on the female’s shoulder for a second then, I watched as he shimmered into invisibility and I guessed that he was gone. The light skinned one moved to my side and I could see her more clearly. I was entranced and even more certain that my time to go to heaven had arrived. Belalinda, for all that she was different, was amazing. Her eyes were a gold-flecked blue and her fur, yes fur, was a golden tan color that made me want to reach out to pet her. I might have tried if I wasn’t too weak to move. She wore a red tunic, like those in my brother’s stories, with two bumps that resembled breasts. I couldn’t lift up enough to see below her waist but I remember her wearing black pants and her feet were bare and surprisingly human and dainty, like a human woman’s. Her ears were like a cats and her nose but her hands had long graceful fingers. My name is Michelle Suzuki and what you just read is an excerpt from my story. My story contains fantastical creatures and love, of a variety uncommon to most. In these pages, I tell the story of how, I became embroiled in the lives of a hidden race of people sharing the Earth, with humans, since the dawn of intelligent life. I tell of how, I found out who I am and how this knowledge led to me becoming a Soul Healer and a Warrior. Follow my story.
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