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misspidervor einem Jahr

This was a great introduction into a new series focusing on the siblings Pandora "Penny" Yee and her brother Matiu. Where Penny is the no-nonsense scientist who only believes in facts and following the rules, her brother can see things other people can't and more often than not trusts his gut feeling.... The unlike duo is plunged headfirst into a mysterious case when Penny is called to a crime scene where a room was found closed and drenched in blood, but without a body. Penny's parents assigned Matiu the job of driving Penny around while at the same time keeping and eye on her. Following his instincts, he leads her to a place he knows from his criminal past - and unleashes an evil both of them are totally unprepared for.

The opposing characters of Penny and Matiu reminded me a bit of Scully and Mulder, and I loved the constant teasing going around between them. The unusual setting in a bleak near-future New Zealand added to the dark atmosphere. Also, it was interesting to learn several New Zealand and Maori phrases, thanks to the glossary thoughtfully added at the end of the book.

A very promising debut in a series we hopefully will be able to read more of soon.

(Thanks to LibraryThing, the author, and the publisher for a copy of the book, all opinions are my own)


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