A Love and Beyond

A Love and Beyond
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A mysterious crime. A ruthless secret society. And a desperate bachelor... Dave Schwarz stumbles upon the mystical secret to a woman's heart, deep within Jerusalem's ancient City of David. Instead of ending the British bachelor's woes, the discovery draws him into a web of mysterious crimes, archaeological puzzles, and dark forces eager to trigger the End of Days. Mandy Rosenberg has taken a break from New York to study in Jerusalem. In other words, she’s shopping for a husband. Down-to-earth but jaded by years of dating, she finds unexpected romance with Dave. But is he really her long-awaited hero? Or will the dark side of their relationship threaten all? A Love and Beyond is a roller coaster ride through the sights and secrets of Jerusalem. The colorful cast includes a sexy flatmate, a dodgy restaurateur, and a hotel manager with secrets of his own. In this tale of love and deception, hope and guilt, courage and misadventure, Dave must choose between shattering his heart and risking his life. "This fast-paced novel is a fun, light read..." -- The Times of Israel. "Tightly-written, with a vein of wry comedy that finally erupts into a frenzy of biblical proportions, the story keeps us compulsively turning pages... A very fun read!" -- Yael Unterman, author of The Hidden of Things: Twelve Stories of Love & Longing (Yotzeret Publications)


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