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A World of Vampires: Volume 1

A World of Vampires: Volume 1

Erschienen am 10.12.2015

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The last story is OK
misspidervor 2 Jahren

This collection contains four stories, each devoted to a special kind of vampire: Hooh-Strah-Dooh, Baobhan Sith, Strigoi and Jiangshi. The concept sounded promising and diversified, especially when depicting the differences and origins of each type of vampire. However, that was exactly what I was missing here. The stories were exchangeable and mostly uninspired - nothing I had not read somewhere else before.

The first story was a boring and uninventive mixture of vampire romance - 1 star. The second story was just plain boring - 1 star. The third story took place in Romania with an evil vampire living in a castle (of course) and an ancient spell adding just enough mystery to pique my curiosity for the first time since I opened the book - 2 stars. The one story that made this collection almost worthwhile was the last one titled 'Jiangshi', which not only explained the history of this special kind of vampire in sufficient detail, but also delivered a very original and unusual tale about guild, remorse and revenge - 3 stars.

Conclusion: if you are looking for something different in the vampire genre, go searching elsewhere or read only the last story. If you are not too picky and in desperate need of your next vampire fix, this may keep you going for a little while longer.


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