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Little Dino Donnie and his friends
Fiery Dino
The author is a German writer Danka Todorova.

            With new characters young readers can experience the interesting adventures in the past and the future. Along the way time machine Dino and his friends learn many useful things, meet interesting natural phenomena. Book reveals the rich and fragile children imagination and fragile childhood psyche. The book is interesting not only from an educational point of view. It teaches children good manners, of what can be done and what cannot. How and why people become friends and why not terribly different, but the unknown cannot be trusted.

"Dino Donnie and his friends" is lavishly illustrated with beautiful colored watercolors. Children covered in fresh race journey, and finally alone can stain your Dino Donny as it presented. Thus, our youngest readers get the opportunity to visualize ideas and imagination to make the book part of their world. The book is designed for children over three years.

Meet the little Dino Doni and his friends. You will see them with their adventure. In several subsequent stories, the young readers follow the exciting adventures. You will find many places that they visit with their time machine, friends. This is an incredible, simple and instructive story.

Autor: Danka Todorova
Buch: Dino Doni und seine Freunde


vor 5 Jahren

Hello, I think this book might be interesting for my younger son. So is this one of the usual reading circles,so that I can apply for one of the books?
How many books are planned to give to the lovelybooks-readers and when will the reading-circle start?

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