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Inhaltsangabe zu „Rejar (Matrix of Destiny)“ von Dara Joy

***Limited time only.*** Special price $3.99 (reg. $6.99) “REJAR’S GOT THE WOW FACTOR!” He is a totally sexual creature. Handsome as sin, sensual as silk… This cat will get your tongue. And then some. When Lilac Devere discovers a beautiful cat with dual-colored eyes sprawled across her carriage, the proper regency miss decides to take the handsome fellow home to be her pet. Boy howdy, is she in for it now. DIDN’T YOUR MOTHER TELL YOU TO BE CAREFUL OF STRAY TOMCATS? Poor Lilac has no idea that her new cat is a feline shapeshifter. Soon, she is cuddling up to the kitty all night and telling the silken creature her darkest secrets. Lilac may think that Rejar is only her mischievous pet– but this cat knows who is his own… Multi-award winner! Winner of the Holt Medallion, Best Paranormal Book of the Year, Best Paranormal Romance by the Bookstores That Care Network, awarded Romantic Times Gold Medal, Voted an all-time Desert Isle Keeper. REVIEWS: “Ms. Joy delivers a knockout love story… In a word, wow!” – GOLD MEDALLION WINNER, Romantic Times Book Club “Sensual to its utmost degree…” – Liana LaRiccia “A romance of incandescent brilliance!” – Melinda Helfer “Rejar is hot, hot, hot!!” – Claudia “I read this book, and then I read it again and again and again. I can't and WONT get enough of this book! I don’t think that I put the book down or ate and drank while I was reading...” – Daphne “A hero with the biggest heart a hero could have. Definitely a keeper” – Carla “The irony of this sexual god making his way in repressed Regency Society is just too delicious.” – 5 STARS, The Romance Reader “I ached when he tried so hard to be loved for his ambivalent nature and not just for his sex. . .” – awarded DESERT ISLE KEEPER, LIKESBOOKS.COM “It’s on my keeper shelf, where it will stay– until I reread it, and reread it, and reread it. . . .” – L. L. Mills
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