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Inhaltsangabe zu „By Darren Shan ZOM-B Gladiator“ von Darren Shan

Tolle Entwicklung der Protagonistion, hätte aber ingesamt etwas mehr Pepp verdienen können.

— Tatsu
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  • B, the gladiator

    By Darren Shan ZOM-B Gladiator


    19. April 2015 um 15:26

    As a big fan of Darren Shan, I had to read his book #6 in the Zom-B series, "Zom-B Gladiator". Story:  How can you prove yourself in a world of lost souls? Who will triumph in a in a battle of the damned? Where do the dead come to fight? B Smith is about to enter the arena... After returning to the Angels at the end of Zom-B Baby, B Smith has to face some old enemies and a new one nobody would want to meet in a dark alley at night. Dan-Dan. This old man in his sailor suit is creepy. If you thought it couldn't get worse after Mr Dowling and the zombie baby, you were wrong. Dan-Dan holds a couple of young children to play with him. When he gets tried of them, he kills them.  After laying a trap, B is captured and finds herself on a boat. She has to fight other zombies to stay alive, but the many fights are exhausting her in the lenght of time. How will she be able to escape? Can she save the innocent children from their cruel captor? I know that the Zom-B series is one of Shan's weaker works. I really like the idea, but no book could convince me 100%-ly yet.  I enjoyed the action packed plot this time. Fighting B is thrilling to read about, Dan-Dan is an interesting character and I'm sure we will hear more from him in the next books. Like always, the books are short, fast moving and with plot twists that are surprising, but not that shocking. Maybe I'm too old, as the books are aiming at a much younger audience. But I do enjoy reading them. B's struggle with Dr Oystein, her trying to find a place in the still existing society and her fight for justice. And I love Rage! He hopefully will have bigger parts in the future. I rate this book with 4 stars, like always, however I'm not sure if this is an automatic result because of the name Shan or not.

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