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Inhaltsangabe zu „Footprint Focus Brisbane & Queensland“ von Darroch Donald

There isn't much that Brisbane & Queensland dont offer - sun, sea and a slice of laid-back life down under. Take off and discover the sunshine coast. From its laidback cities to stunning beaches, the Great Barrier reef and tremendous rainforests; Brisbane & Queensland are regions so blessed with natural beauty it's no wonder they have attracted visitors for years. Footprintfocus Brisbane & Queensland will help adventurers get away from the crowds and really experience the most from their trip down under. Including all the best places to eat, sleep and play and of course detailed listings on all the adventure activities on offer, this guidebook will be the must-have item on their list of things to pack.§- Essentials section with practical advice on getting there and around.§- Fascinating insights into local history and culture.§- Highlights section so you know what not to miss.§- Detailed street maps for Brisbane and other important towns and cities.§- Slim enough to fit in your pocket.§Loaded with advice and information, this concise Footprintfocus guide will help you get the most out of Brisbane & Queensland without weighing you down.§The content of Footprintfocus Brisbane & Queensland guide has been extracted from Footprints East Coast Australia Handbook.

The Brisbane part was not that huge, but still - one of the few travel books of QLD involving 'Brissie' and a great choice!

— I-heart-books
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    Footprint Focus Brisbane & Queensland


    31. January 2016 um 09:53

    There are not many travel guides about Brisbane, or let's say Queensland and Brisbane. Usually it is just a tiny page in a 'East coast Australia' book. This book though gives you some advices of one of Australia's most relaxed cities' of the East coast. There could have been even more ideas where to visit or other touristic Information. Still, if you are in 'Brissie' you can go to the touristic Information and get the missing pieces you might need to discover the city. It was nevertheless a 'cool' book which I can recommend to visitors of Brisbane! *gotoaustralia* :)

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