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Cover des Buches Time of Contempt: Witcher 2 – Now a major Netflix show (The Witcher, Band 2) (ISBN: 9781473231092)
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Rezension zu "Time of Contempt: Witcher 2 – Now a major Netflix show (The Witcher, Band 2)" von Andrzej Sapkowski

the end destroyed everything🙄
angelina020vor 7 Monaten

After I got through ~ 300 pages of poor dialogue and incoherent plot, the last 20 pages really blew my mind. Andrzej Sapkowski seems to think women enjoy to be raped. Wtf even was this bullshit? The word Stockholm Syndrome doesn't even get near enough to describe this scene, neither do I think that this is wrong translation. The whole scene was shockingly disgusting and placed there quite obviously premeditately to make the plot more "exciting" at the end of the book. To break it down in a few words : The main character Ciri was caught by a gang called "the Rats" whom she helped escape and who then also helped her escape from the Nilfgaardians. At night, the guy she prevented from being slaughtered suddenly attempted to rape her. "Luckily" she was saved by a fellow female gang member who then shockingly attempted to rape the girl herself. Instead of putting the scene into context Andrzej decided to make Ciri - being still in shock, shame and disgust - kiss her abuser the next day. Not to forget he used phrases like "[...](she) gave in to a disgusting, pleasant humiliating submisseveness" and "she moaned [...] and she moaned again" while at the same time she was feeling repulsed & still cried of fear the next day... Together with the general way he depicts women: as always slutty, hating on other women, playing side roles, only thinking about men etc And the way he depicts men: as only thinking about raping women, it easily leads to the conclusion that the author has to be extremely misogynistic with very patriarchal ideas of how the wold works if not a p*dophile in the end considering the fact that Ciri is by many characters of this book described as a kid/ little girl and in the rape scene as "little one" even though originally introduced as a teenager about 14 - 15 yrs old but come on? Since when are teenager talked about this way? To me that idea just has a very strong taste of hidden p*dophilia. At least Im not the only one who noticed that/experienced the scenes like this and is disturbed by them. 

Apart from the shitty end of this book which is leaving me in absolute disbelief, the whole story seems like a very poor attempt of copying Game of Thrones. Probably the worst attempt I've read so far🙄 Im really unsure if I will complete this series or if I should just directly skip to the Witcher series on Netflix which is a lot more succesful and auspicious ... really struggling rn...

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