The Knowing: A thrilling horror fantasy

von David Graham 
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The Knowing: A thrilling horror fantasy
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Inhaltsangabe zu "The Knowing: A thrilling horror fantasy"

United by destiny, they must stand together to face an ancient evil..... Ceri Edwards and two school friends lift the lid on an ancient book of recipes belonging to Betty Williams, a volunteer at the local hospital in Pontypridd, South Wales. Two Kansas City cops step off a flight at London Heathrow and one of them falls to the ground with a painful conviction that there's something evil in the air. United in their destinies, Ceri and the police officers are drawn into a world where prophecies are pitted against invisible forces planning to raze London to the ground and bring down the Royal Family. It all rests with Dai Williams, recently knighted MI5 agent and reluctant hero, to bring some order to the improbable events and to ensure that afternoon tea at The Ritz continues for another hundred years. A great cross between Kim Newman and Ben Aaranovitch and a thrill for any fan of contemporary urban horror. 'Transatlantic horrors don't come much better than this one by David Graham.' - Nooks Books N Crooks


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    misspidervor einem Jahr
    Just not my cup of tea

    In hindsight, I wonder why I chose to read this book, but then again it happens from time to time: you pick a book you find interesting, either because of the summary (original: yes) or the cover (mysterious: yes). You think this could be something different from the well-trodden path of horror and mystery you usually read, widen your horizon and all that stuff. What can I say? Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. This book is definitely a very strong case of 'doesn't' for me...

    It started off well enough, with a slight sense of humor and big question mark in my mind. What was going on here? Did I miss something important because I did not read the previous book? I sure missed some kind of introductory retrospect to put me on track. As it was, I constantly felt left out, and that I just 'didn't get it'. So on I went - yeah, I'm still one of those rare creatures who are not able to DNF a book, no matter what...). Hoping for things to get better, for something to come that finally grabs my attention with a big WOW (or at least a small Aha!) effect. Sadly, that moment never came, and after finishing the book I felt disappointed, irritated and bewildered. And of course annoyed - not by the book but by my poor judgment that made me chose the book in the first place and wonder how I could miss the fine print telling warning me that the book is not compatible with my reading habits.

    Regarding the story, I never felt anything but indifference towards the characters and an immunity to the certainly existing, but sadly not my kind of, humor. More often than not, I missed the smooth transition between chapters and events, they rather felt aligned and without some tighter connection to put them together into a well-rounded whole.

    As my review is based on my very own personal taste and, in this case, dislike of the book, I do not feel in a position to either recommend or not recommend it - I'd rather suggest to find out on your own, maybe by dipping your toes into a sample chapter first...

    (Thanks to Netgalley, the author, and the publisher for a copy of the book, all opinions are my own)


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