David Guterson (Snow Falling on Cedars) By Guterson, David (Author) Paperback on (09 , 1995)


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Inhaltsangabe zu „(Snow Falling on Cedars) By Guterson, David (Author) Paperback on (09 , 1995)“ von David Guterson

Poetisch, politisch, verschneit und gesellschaftskritisch und ein spannender Krimi - großartig!

— ichundelaine
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    (Snow Falling on Cedars) By Guterson, David (Author) Paperback on (09 , 1995)


    27. December 2016 um 10:29

    Snow Falling on Cedars is one of the few books that really deserves its international pean of praise, depicting not only the plight of Japanese immigrants during WW2 but also delivering an enthralling criminal story. On the fictitious island of Don Piedro fisherman Carl Heine is found floating in the water with a suspicious head injury. The policeman Art Moran is quick to indentify Kabuo Myamato as the main suspect for his murder and the book starts with the trial of the latter. Set in a snowy season the trial enfolds around the stigmatization and xenophobia of the islanders towards the Japanese community. Hate, predjudice and general ignorance or pity dominate the atmosphere in the court room. However, the story not only takes place in the court room but also explores the childhood and youth of Kabuo, his wife Hatsue and the island's newspaper man Ishmael, providing a conclusive backround for the events yet to come. A big part of the book were also depictions of the experiences of WW2, especially the occurences involving Japan, where Ishmael looses his arm. Those sections were almost as painful to read as the sections dealing with the open intolerance towards Japanese immigrants who were put into detention camps (since they were in the US, it is probably politically incorrect to call them labour camps...), after the Japanese Army bombed Pearl Harbour. Still, this book is not only about the wider scope, it focusses also on the personal level, love, betrayal, dreams and family. The prose is beautifully written and at times strikingly poetic. I am really glad that I read this book during winter time so I could really enjoy the cold, snow stormy atmosphere on San Piedro. A real winter time treat!

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