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The Moontide Bridge is about to open and the people of the East are ready for a fight ... but it is three seemingly ordinary people that will decide the fate of the world.
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    Mage's Blood


    18. May 2015 um 01:45

    I'd have liked to give this one 3,5 stars. It wasn't so easy to decide which way to go with my half star, but I decided to give it 4, because it kept me entertained and on the story the whole time through, and is definitely worth a look by fantasy readers. What I liked is the style of the magic. I really enjoyed the different ways that the magic can be used. I also liked the main characters and was really interested in what was happening to them over the story. I also quite enjoyed the writing style itself. The idea with those two continents only touching every seven years makes for a good over all story. What I didn't like is too much "real world" in there. The "alps" as mountains is one such. It basically uses Christianity, Rasiscm and such topics, but in a way it doesn't feel like he's just used them as inspiration to me. It's just too near to the real world, to give me a convincing "fantasy world" in my head. Like "Hebusalim" is a twin of "Jerusalem". I would have wanted it a bit more alien to what I know. Also there was way more sex in there, than was neccesary. There are parts, were it is important for the story, and I don't mind those at all. But some had the feel of simply being there because "sex sells" and not because it actually was needed for the story line. And I've only rarely found authors who can do sex scenes in a convincing way... So all in all I end up with my four stars, and I will most likely go and buy the next one soon too.

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