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Unique and heartbreaking. This book made me feel such strong emotions. I'm still in denial.

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A lyrical and moving new novel from the author of Legend of a Suicide .§§Aged nine, Caitlin spends almost every afternoon at the local aquarium while her mother works overtime at her construction job. Caitlin s whole world is her school, her mother, occasionally her mother s boyfriends, and the fish at the aquarium. She has no friends at school, apart from Shalini, who is making a paper mache Hindu reindeer with her, and no other family.§§But Caitlin has made a friend at the aquarium; an old man who seems to know something about Caitlin, something she doesn t even know about herself.§


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Verlag:William Heinemann
Das aktuelle Hörbuch ist am 22.03.2016 bei Parlando ein Imprint von Argon erschienen.

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    Janinasminds avatar
    Janinasmindvor 2 Jahren
    Kurzmeinung: Unique and heartbreaking. This book made me feel such strong emotions. I'm still in denial.
    High-key family drama, low-key fish and ocean aesthetic.

    This book wrecked me. My emotions were thrown around like rag dolls and I'm not sure I am ever going to get over it. This book was a FASCINATING look at hatred and resentment and how they change you. It felt so intimate and interesting to see how everything would unravel. The suspense for something builds and builds and you know. It's like a rollercoaster ride and you don't know when the drop is going to come.

    "Parents are gods. They make us and they destroy us."

    I don't know how to categorize Aquarium. What is it? Caitlin, the young protagonist is 12 years old, so Middle Grade. But also, Coming-of-Age. And a family drama. A character study. A look into the deepest part of someone.

    "What do we owe for what has come before us, the previous generations?"

    This book is SO MUCH. Sometimes too much with all those brutally raw moments that made me put the book down and breathe through before I could pick it back up. This felt like a book that was made for me, a book that I was supposed to read right at this moment. It was what I needed and it was glorious in it's journey. The characters felt real and I understood them. I did. All of them. Which didn't mean I liked everyone - there were moments were I hated everyone at some point - but that is what makes it even more engaging and mind-numbing.

    "This was my real life, not a story. These were days I lived (...)"

    The backstory was GUT-WRENCHING. I was so unbelievably sad. A complete and utter mess. A body under many blankets crying. It also made me think. I only know like 15% of my parents lives before I was born. (Which is the opposite of 'a lot'.) And that scares me. That scares me to pieces.

    "Dread. I went to sleep with it and woke with it."

    Intense. And dangerous. That's what reading this book felt like. There were so many topics that were explored. SO MANY. God, I loved it. The storytelling, the gorgeous drawings of fish, the lyrical prose when Caitlin talked about what she loved. Even the things I didn't like - didn't bother me at all. I didn't care because the overall effect of this little little novel WAS SO HEARTBREAKING.

    It wrecked me - in a heartbreakingly beautiful way. Because conveying so many feelings into my heart must be beautiful. And it was.

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