Debbie Macomber Merry and Bright: A Christmas Novel


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A novel about first impressions and second chances.

It’s Christmas, the season to be snowed under.

Merry Smith is overworked. Between family responsibilities, preparing for Christmas, and staying out of the crosshairs of her boss there’s room for little else. Her social life is the last thing on her mind, much less finding love.

Jayson Bright is feeling the pressure. Christmas is his most stressful time of year. Deadlines are looming, the holidays are coming, and employees are winding down. He’s the one left in the office pulling late and lonely nights.

Luckily for these two, their friends and family take matters into their own hands, and Merry and Bright are about to discover that love can be found where you least expect it . . .

Praise for Debbie Macomber

‘An ideal holiday book’
Good Housekeeping

‘If there's a star in the romance and women's fiction firmament, chances are high it’s Debbie Macomber’
Publishers Weekly

'A thrilling yet tender tale'
My Weekly

Entertaining and cosy, a perfect story about family and Christmas spirit

— Magicsunset
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  • Cosy and enjoyable, with just the right amount of romance

    Merry and Bright: A Christmas Novel


    02. January 2018 um 17:45

    Merry Knight works as a temp for Matterson Consulting, just twelve month to earn money to finish her studies at the college. Beeing it December, her work there is almost over. So her mother and brother Patrick are sure that it is time to do something for her social live and as a birthday present for Merry they set up her profile at Mix & Mingle, a famous dating platform. The put in “Smith” instead of Knight and a foto of their dog Bogie. Jayson Bright, vice president of the company she is working for might be, as the other women say, good-locking, but he never seems to smile, sticks to the employee handbook for lots of rules and is under extreme pressure preparing a very important contract with Boeing, scheduled still before Christmas. But when his cousin and best friend fiends the love of his life through Mix & Mingle, he is just curious, logs on the dating site, searching for women in the aerea – and finds the foto of a dog, a golden retriver like his childhood friend Rocky … Debbie Macomber knows how to write romance. Merry and Jayson are both likeable characters, but still remain realistic. This book is about family, about caring for each other and about the spirit of Christmas- and about two people who need time to see what is just in front of their noses. An entertaining, cosy and enjoyable read for comfortable hours in the time around Christmas, where readers are ready for some dreaming and romance, happy-ending included.

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