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"Hot Milk", published in 2016, is mainly set in Almeria, Spain, where Rose, a British, and her daughter Sofia, half-British and half-Greek, seek treatment for Rose's inability to walk.

The daughter Sofia, a twenty-something Anthropology graduate who works in a London coffeeshop, mourns her unfinished disseratation, suffers under her mother's hostility while replacing her not properly working legs, and tries to negotiate the gap her missing father created. While the reader learns about Rose's leg problem and is left to decide whether Rose is really unable to walk or not, the time in Spain provides Sofia with the chance to take her fate into her own hands.

I liked the Anthropology motive which is drawn through the novel. As Sofia is the main protagonist, she observes her environment and the people surrounding her in an anthropological way. But nevertheless the novel, for me, did not provide as many answers as it raised questions, and therefore, left me rather dissatisfied. The reason or background of Rose's leg problem, for example, would have provided another narrative line which was not concluded in the book. The same is true for all the enigmatic minor characters - Ingrid, Gomez and Julieta, Juan -  they all seem to have numerous secrets which stay opaque to the reader. Also, who is the author of the parenthetic paragraphs?
Therefore, I felt that the novel did not tap its full potential. A pity!

Autor: Deborah Levy
Buch: Hot Milk
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