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When The Circus Came To Town

When The Circus Came To Town

Erschienen am 20.02.2014

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Did not work for me
misspidervor 3 Jahren

While the plot of this story is intriguing, the writing did nothing to hold my attention. My first impression: it read like a horror story for young readers. However, the creepy cover and one or two more gruesome scenes hint at an adult target group, and as such it did not work. The dialogues were really simple and the storyline held no surprises or suspense at all. Then, when I expected the book to end, there was still another chapter to go which for the most part was unrelated to the previous goings-on. It seemed like the author suddenly had the idea for another interesting character and wanted to store it somewhere, while it could have made a whole different story on its own. This is one of those books that just didn't work for me.

(I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review)


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