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His Country Bride

His Country Bride

Erschienen am 11.04.2016

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Sweet, funny, fast-paced
IraWiravor 3 Jahren

This book was really great! I had so much fun reading it, more than once laughing out loud while reading and the next moment sighing, smiling goofily or getting a bit...furious... with a certain somebody and his thickheadedness.

Right from the beginning the book and its characters captivated me, starting at the first page with Ellie being armed with not much more than her considerable (albeit in this case somewhat, well, spirit... - alright, tipsy...) charme and an almost empty bottle of champagne and Lucas, who is politely refraining from asking her to produce an ID for rather obvious reasons.

I loved this scene which set the pace and the mood for the rest of the book and I loved Ellie and Lucas, even though after a while Lucas insistence to remain professional got on my nerves. He didn't succeed at remaining professional, at least not at all times but not for lack of trying.
Apart from that it is a wonderful book, humorous and well written with a good story. The hero and the heroine are well developed and authentic but the minor characters are amazing as well.

When Ellie fled from her own wedding to the country after having found her future husband in a somewhat delicate and highly inappropriate situation, she never imagined that she would soon be arrested by the (much-too-gorgeous looking) Sheriff of Joshua County. On the other hand, when Lucas saw Ellie for the first time he didn't know how much trouble would follow her - even though this first impression was already rather memorable. Unfortunately her former husband-to-be didn't approve of her decision to leave him and Lucas and the other people of Joshua Creek have to work hard to keep Ellie safe...

Fast-paced, romantic, funny - I love this book!


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