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Cover des Buches Momaholic (ISBN: 9780849947360)


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Cover des Buches Momaholic (ISBN: 9780849947360)
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Not quite what you expect, but still a good read
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A wife, mother of four, and head writer for long-running soap opera Days of Our Lives, Dena Higley hovered over the people and responsibilities in her life. She was eager to right every wrong and fulfil every need. And then her model family began spiralling out of control… After a night spent in the ER, Dena quickly realized that she was actually failing in her pursuit of perfection. In Momaholic: Crazy Confessions of a Helicopter Parent, Dena shares her story of how she learned to let go in order to gain a freedom for herself and her family she never thought possible. But it was a lesson she had to learn the hard way…

When I first started reading Momaholic I found myself wondering whether this really was a Christian book. You’ll know what I mean when you read the book. If nothing else, I carried on reading to find out.

Dena Higley tells her story with warmth, humour and often brutal honesty. She is very frank about parts of her and her family’s lives that most people would probably want to keep quiet about. It was refreshing and encouraging to read of her journey – the good, the bad and the ugly – and how she learned to let go and trust God more.

The title gives the impression this is a book about helicopter parenting when it is actually more of a personal story of one mom’s life, who happened to be a helicopter parent. So it might not be for everyone but you certainly don’t need to know who Dena Higley is or to have watched the soap operas she wrote for to take something away from this book. I am glad I read it.


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