Desirae Grove Shared by her Bears, Book One (Evergreen Heights Clan Series)


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Inhaltsangabe zu „Shared by her Bears, Book One (Evergreen Heights Clan Series)“ von Desirae Grove

Introducing Book One of the Shared by Her Bears serial, the hot and sexy new series by Desirae Grove... Angie Wilder’s past is shrouded with secrets. Since she was a child, she's woken with her sheets shredded and unexplained scratches on her headboard. As she matured, Angie became aware of her seductive power over men. Her curvaceous body lures them, even as she fights the need to succumb to her desires. Warned by her parents that she has a greater purpose in life than falling for one of the local boys, Angie struggles to stay innocent while her body betrays her. Angie's allure eventually puts her family in danger, and she's forced to flee. Her mother tells her to find a place called Evergreen Heights, and from the moment she steps foot into the idyllic town, she feels like she may have found her true home. Especially once she meets Hank and Woody, the handsome and rugged leaders of the small community. Soon enough it becomes clear that the burly bachelors have been waiting for her their entire lives. Now they just have to convince Angie she doesn’t just belong in Evergreen Heights, she belongs with them. **This hot and steamy bear shifter menage romance is perfect for the fans of Milly Taiden, Terry Bolryder, Anya Nowlan, and T.S. Joyce** Author's note: This book contains very steamy and creative adult situations. If you like your romantic bear shifter menage stories with the heat level turned way up, this is the story for you. Enjoy! EXCERPT: "There's so much I haven't had a chance to learn…” she went on haltingly, "so much I want to discover. Things I've never done. So much I... I..." she whispered, but her voice trailed off. She felt Woody's hand on her back more than ever, and as she faltered he leaned in quietly, slowly, and kissed her deep and full on the mouth. She'd never been kissed before, and the feel of his breath on her face and his tongue against hers was thrilling beyond anything she could imagine. Kissing him back and growing bolder, she didn't resist when Hank's heavy hand seized her breast, but she gasped. With a muted groan he pulled aside the straining fabric of her borrowed dress and rolled one pink swollen nipple between his calloused thumb and finger. She felt another hand reach for her other breast, and broke off her lingering kiss to gasp again.

Echt guter Plot, aber ich habe keine Lust auf einen endlosen Cliffhanger =)

— yullana
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