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Inhaltsangabe zu „Spock's World“ von Diane Duane

It is the twenty-third century. On the planet Vulcan, a crisis of unprecedented proportion has caused the convocation of the planet's ruling council -- and summoned the U.S.S. Enterprise™ from halfway across the galaxy, to bring Vulcan's most famous son home in its hour of need.

As Commander Spock, his father Sarek, and Captain James T. Kirk struggle to preserve Vulcan's future, the planet's innermost secrets are laid before us, from its beginnings millions of years ago to its savage prehistory, from merciless tribal warfare to medieval court intrigue, from the exploration of space to the the development of o'thia -- the ruling ethic of logic. And Spock -- torn between his duty to Starfleet and the unbreakable ties that bind him to Vulcan -- must find a way to reconcile both his own inner conflict and the external dilemma his planet faces...lest the Federation itself be ripped asunder.

Stöbern in Fantasy

Lord of Shadows - Die dunklen Mächte

Die Charaktere erhalten mehr Tiefe, werden emotionaler und man kann als Leser noch besser hinter die ein oder andere Gefühlsregung blicken.


Das Lied der Krähen

"Großartig" trifft es nicht mal ansatzweise!


Prinzessin Fantaghiro - Im Bann der Weißen Wälder

Sehr schönes buch!


Animant Crumbs Staubchronik

Stellt euch Elizabeth Bennett und Mr. Darcy in einer Bibliothek vor. Traumhaft schön und romantisch! 😍


Arakkur - Das ferne Land

Spannend wie der erste Band liest sich die Fortsetzung,


Rosen & Knochen

Düstere Story, aber unheimlich gefühlvoll und spannend. Eine schöne Mischung :)


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  • Star Trek TOS: Spock's World

    Spock's World

    Valkyrie Kane

    30. July 2013 um 22:06

    Just like Uhura’s Song this book is as perfect as it gets, regarding writing a wonderful story and keeping everyone completely in character. At least, how I think the characters should be. I don’t know if the “Holy Trinity” is perceived like they’re written in Spock’s World by everybody or just by me, but THIS is how I’ve always imagined Kirk, Spock & McCoy to be: bright, well-considered, logical, sneaky, brave and capable of surprising not only Sarek and T’Pau but also the entire population of Vulcan. To be honest: I’m not exactly a Vulcan fan. I’ve always liked Spock, of course, and I’ve always liked Sarek and Amanda (yeah, I KNOW she’s human, but still); I’ve even thought Vulcan customs and physiology (Hello!? Bones-fangirl talking!) fairly interesting – but I’ve never been thinking, “Wow! Vulcan is SO interesting! I desperately need to know its origin! And especially how Vulcan Religion and Philosophy came into existence!” Never. Therefore: If you’re like me, you can skip the Vulcan-titled chapters. I’ve read them and they are of no importance for the rest of the story. Well, all but ONE. If you are interested in how Sarek came to be an ambassador and met Amanda, you should definitely read chapter Vulcan: Seven. It’s very cute. I’m still a bit vexed about the whole T’Pring thing, though, but that can’t be helped. Obviously. And even if I weren’t a die-hard Bones fan, I’d totally love McCoy in this book. He’s brilliant. Like I said, as good as it gets. If you like Star Trek TOS even a little bit, that’s a total must-read.

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