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    03. January 2009 um 19:05

    Is it really paradise? Simon, a 53 year old (or young) architect, living happily separated from his wife has, by luck of fortune (?) and happy coincidence 3 young women living in his home. These 3 beautiful young women do not only live in his appartment, in return they take (in all aspects) "loving care" of Simon. Now ain't this a man's dream come true? Donald Barthelme, who is a wonderful and original writer (40 Stories and 60 Stories are among the best of 20th century literature) has with "Paradise" delivered a partially funny, partially sad book, which is a good read all the way, which has great thoughts on love, sex and the convenience of solitude. "Paradise" is the lightest and least original (in comparison- but I guess, the orginality of 40 and 60 Stories is probably impossible to top or even call in the larger form of the novel) of what I have read of Donald Barthelme so far. Which makes this a splendid entry to Donald Barthelme's works.

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