Dorian Mayfair The Unknown Mistress - An Erotica and Romance Paranormal/Historical Novella


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Inhaltsangabe zu „The Unknown Mistress - An Erotica and Romance Paranormal/Historical Novella“ von Dorian Mayfair

France, 1746. Jany, a beautiful but friendless young woman working as a court scribe in Toulouse, is called a duke’s castle to witness the trial of a two women accused of being vampires. The women – two stunning maids, who had been assigned to serve a visiting well-known baroness – are imprisoned, and the castle is filled with anxious citizens and guests who have arrived for a formal ball. The duke decides that no one is to leave before the morning – there are rumours of dangers around the city, and people talk about menacing beings that hide in the shadows. While a storm closes in on the city, Jany finds herself trapped in the castle. To make things worse, a crazed witchfinder has joined the duke and taken upon himself to have justice done his way. Jany hopes to stay safe until the morning – but a chance meeting with the baroness changes everything, and Jany learns that the greatest dangers – and pleasures – don’t hide in shadows, but in plain sight... An excerpt from the story: “Jany could not take her eyes off the slim, attractive maid. Helpless, desperate, her hands and feet secured by rope. Perhaps she was dangerous as well, if the rumours were true. That did not matter; Jany wanted desperately wanted to run her hands over the woman’s body. Sweep that dress away, take off her own clothes, and then... With an effort, Jany turned away. How could she be longing for a creature of the night? If Jany not already was lost, she was balancing on the edge of ruin. Maybe the devil had touched her mind too. ” About the author: Dorian Mayfair is a writer based in Oxford, UK, where he lives in a small house on the border of the ancient town and its surrounding hills. During daytime, he studies the mysteries of literature; at night, he haunts Oxford’s dim streets and alleys in search of inspiration and adventure. He usually doesn’t have to look for long. When he isn’t writing, he eats dark chocolate, drinks red wine, and reads novels to the soundtrack of the wind. Product details: Category: Supernatural Gothic Erotica (period setting) Format: Kindle eBook Length: ~25000 words (novella) Also by Dorian Mayfair: The Mistress series “The Secret Mistress” - An Erotica and Romance Paranormal/Historical Novelette “The Hidden Mistress” - An Erotica and Romance Paranormal/Historical Novelette The Suzy’s Adventures series “Moonlight Meetings”: Bundle One (Suzy’s Adventures Series), includes the following titles: “A New Orleans Haunting” #1 “Strangers in the Woods” #2 “Midnight in Brooklyn” #3 “Midnight Meetings”: Bundle Two (Suzy’s Adventures Series), includes the following titles: “Manhattan Rendezvous” #4 “Out of Ashes, Into Fires” #5 "Long Day, Endless Night” #6
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