Dorothea Draser Línea amarilla. Spanisch als 2. Fremdsprache / Vokabellernheft 1


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Inhaltsangabe zu „Línea amarilla. Spanisch als 2. Fremdsprache / Vokabellernheft 1“ von Dorothea Draser

Most probability problems involve random variables indexed by space and/ortime. These problems almost always have a version in which space and/ortime are taken to be discrete. This volume deals with areas in which thediscrete version is more natural than the continuous one, perhaps eventhe only one than can be formulated without complicated constructions andmachinery. The 5 papers of this volume discuss problems in which therehas been significant progress in the last few years; they are motivatedby, or have been developed in parallel with, statistical physics. Theyinclude questions about asymptotic shape for stochastic growth models andfor random clusters; existence, location and properties of phase transitions;speed of convergence to equilibrium in Markov chains, and in particularfor Markov chains based on models with a phase transition; cut-off phenomenafor random walks. The articles can be read independently of each other.Their unifying theme is that of models built on discrete spaces or graphs.Such models are often easy to formulate. Correspondingly, the book requirescomparatively little previous knowledge of the machinery of probability.
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