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Dominion: A Post Apocalyptic Thriller

Dominion: A Post Apocalyptic Thriller

Erschienen am 10.10.2014

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Monster Pets
misspidervor 3 Jahren

Dominion presents a different take on the apocalyptic theme: what if animals took over, mutated into savage beasts, hunting humankind into extinction!? The story follows a group of young people, brothers and their friends, as they leave their hiding place in search for some safer grounds or maybe other survivors. Of course, they have to face all kinds of horrible animal-monsters, and of course they have to deal with losses, but they also meet some new faces along the way.

Dominion read like a post-apocalyptic road-movie, but with zombies were replaced by mutant animals. The action was fast-paced and not squeamish at all, and there where a several losses to mourn. However, I found the interaction between the group members were the weakest link in the plot. Of course you have to keep in mind that the group consists of young adults, but their dialogue sometimes felt too immature for my liking.

(I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review)


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