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Inhaltsangabe zu „All Families Are Psychotic“ von Douglas Coupland

On the eve of the next Space Shuttle mission, a divided family comes together!Warm, witty and wise, 'All Families Are Psychotic' is Coupland at the very top of his form. (Quelle:'Flexibler Einband/01.07.2002')

Wenn man denkt, man weiß, wohin die Geschichte geht, wird mal mit einem KNALL eines besseren belehrt! MEGA GUT!

— ichundelaine
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  • If you think your family is weird...

    All Families Are Psychotic


    05. June 2016 um 12:20

    If you think your family is weird, you have to meet the Drummonds! We meet the Drummonds in sweltering Florida, preparing to say fare well to their daughter and sister Sarah, who is about to go to space as an astronaut. The family consists of mother Janet, who is divorced from father Ted who is now married to a trophy wife, Wade, the renegade and Bryan the wussy, and their respective spouses. Instead of joining space-themed bbq's or other activities, they embark on their very own road-trip, dealing with life-threatening illnesses, intra-family conflicts and a souvenir from dead Lady Diana. The Drummond family is a family like any other, even though the stuff they are dealing with is almost to hard to handle. They are sometimes lovable, sometimes detestable, they argue, they fight but in the end, they stick together as a family should.This is a beautiful little book (fewer than 300 pages) about what matters. About family and the people we love, about putting the petty stuff aside and working together as a team. The prose is clear and also recommendable to non-native English speakers. 

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