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Inhaltsangabe zu „Every Part of the Animal“ von Duncan Ralston

Bo Lowery and her ten-year-old son have hunted the woods surrounding their Alaskan home for as long as Caleb can remember. What they don't eat themselves, they sell to local businesses, using every part of the animal. Disgusted by the wolf cull, pop megastar Rainey Layne and her bodyguard Darius travel to Bo's small town to join a growing group of animal activists. After Bo and Rainey clash during the protest, Rainey pulls mother and son headfirst into her manic, self-absorbed world when she crashes her car on their land. Soon, she finds herself their unwilling guest. But in the age of instant communication, celebrities can't just disappear without the whole world demanding them found. In a violent showdown between hunter and activist, tensions within the Lowery household are dragged into the light. Both women harbor dark secrets. But Rainey Layne will learn just how far a mother pushed to the edge will go to protect her child.
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    Every Part of the Animal


    06. February 2017 um 07:28

    This is one of those stories where one moment changes everything and at the end you wonder just what went wrong that it could ever have gotten out of hand on such a large scale. The plot was definitely original and I appreciated the effort the author took to show to what extreme lengths a mother will go to protect her child, all the while digging her own grave deeper by the minute until there is no way out. But while the action was fast-paced and surprising, funnily enough I could not really relate to any of the characters, which seemed just too overdrawn. Aside from that, the novella was a an easy and worthwhile read with surprising twists, leading to an impressive but also depressing no-way-out showdown.

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