Dylan Jones Jim Morrison: Dark Star


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Inhaltsangabe zu „Jim Morrison: Dark Star“ von Dylan Jones

"No one has ever gotten it as right as this before. What you had to say about Jim, your perceptions and opinions, was more reasoned and more illuminating than anything I have yet read or indeed ever hope to read. I'm glad you were frank in print about Jim's alcoholism and drug use, the nature of the disease...I truly did think the book was brilliant. You are a fine, fine writer, and I only hope the raft of other books currently in thte works are a tenth as literate and perceptive. Again, my deepest gratitude. Jim would be pleased, I think, by your portrait of him - especially the "warts" - and as for me, you made me very, very happy; however prejudiced I might be, I think truth was well-served." - Patricia Kennealy Morrison, in a letter to Dylan Jones "a perceptive and thorough examination of both the man and the music" - New Musical Express "a highly engaging and refreshingly irreverent portrait of the Doors' frontman" - i-D "the photos speak most eloquently, graphically tracing his fall from cheekbones Adonis ot the Top 30 to numbed and overweight suicide" - Time Out

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