Taken by His Museum Treasure (Gay Statue Erotica)

Taken by His Museum Treasure (Gay Statue Erotica)
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Inhaltsangabe zu "Taken by His Museum Treasure (Gay Statue Erotica)"

Handsome young museum guard Damien Rivers takes special care to look after one particular statue. It's very popular because of the precise anatomical details of this gorgeous young man named Veni -- the artist rendered him in stone with nothing left to the imagination! He harbors a secret desire for everything about Veni, but the affair seems one-sided until one strange day when a seemingly ordinary man casually touches Veni, the curator gives him a convenient bottle of oil, and Veni comes to life that night when nobody else is around. All Damien's idle daydreams are about to come true as the statue seeks satisfaction from the only possible source around. Warning: This short story contains scenes of an explicit nature between consenting adults and is intended only for an 18+ audience. Approximate length: 6200 words, or 25 pages. Excerpt: Closing was always Damien's favorite time. He had about half an hour alone in the museum between when the other security staff (not burdened with the job title he had) headed home and when he handed over the reins of the museum to the nighttime security staff. They rarely came out into the gallery area anyway, unless something suspicious was spotted on the cameras. Damien did his usual check of the entire museum perimeter and all the hidden spots that someone could tuck away in, waiting for the museum to close. When he was satisfied that he was well and truly alone, he relaxed, taking a more leisurely stroll around and past his favorite rooms. When he reached his own hall, his eyes immediately fell upon Veni. The lights were low now, the main hall lights off, but the light at the base of the statue was still on and shone up, gently illuminating every fold of skin and ridge of bone or curve of muscle. This was when Veni looked most stunning, Damien thought. Nobody else got to see this – just him. He would suggest it as a different way to showcase the art piece, but frankly, he didn't want to share the view with anyone else. There was just enough light to illuminate the statue perfectly, but still enough shadow to leave his face partially obscured. Damien slowly approached the statue, standing in front of it and gazing along Veni's torso. “All closed up,” he murmured, reaching out to run a hand slowly down the statue, touching cool marble and enjoying the familiar ripple of his abs.


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