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Rezension zu "The Druid Next Door (Fae Out of Water Book 2)" von E.J. Russell

Really good.
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After being exiled from Faerie and with a useless right hand, Mal's live has gone downhill for him. David did buy him a nice, environment-friendly house, but apparently the dorky tree hugger next door, Bryce,  is actually a druid, and fae and druids just don't get along. And then David's grandmother also binds the two of them together, so Mal can teach Bryce the ins and outs of supernatural lore.
But it seems there's more than one bond at work, because Mal has the sudden and inexplicable urge to submit to Bryce, which is really not his usual MO.

Now, I liked the first part of the series, but I thought this one was even better. Bryce and Mal just make an awesome couple. Bryce had the potential to be even more righteous prick than Alun, but he turns out a passionate, but reasonable guy with a good head on his shoulders, while Mal is more of a "do first, think later... if at all" kind of person, but they complement each other so well.
The interaction between the two is fun and sexy and romantic. It gets a bit too sappy for me once or twice, but mostly it's just right.

I also thought the D/s relationship was portrayed pretty well, it did not feel over the top or unrealistic, and I liked that Bryce, not Mal, was the reluctant one for the most part.

I also thought the story worked a lot better this time around. The pacing was better, and the whole world building and background just slotted into it more. It just felt more fitting and completely rounded. I didn't detect any logical errors this time around.
I actually don't have any complaints about this book at all. I loved it to bits.

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Rezension zu "Cutie and the Beast (Fae Out of Water) (Volume 1)" von E.J. Russell

Very cute and fun supernatural story
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David Evans starts temp work as an office manager for a psychological practice. But because of a flue epidemic, he, a human ends up at a place for supernaturals. Alun Kendrick, himself a Seelie fae cursed with a monstrous face that bars him from faerie, is enraged, there is a pact of secrecy, after all, but also intrigued and attracted to him.

He tries to scare of David with his horrible face, but David is mostly just enamored with his voice and annoyed with his bossy attitude, but mostly determined to keep this job.

This is just a very cute and funny story. David is a very dorky, klutzy, colorful character. It's very enjoyable to read about his efforts to make the practice brighter (Alun keeps everything in soothing greys) and his interactions with various supernatural patients he manages to help with charm and unusually methods without even really meaning to. His dynamic with the very grim, bossy and pessimistic Dr. Kendrick is also quite nice, since David absolutely refuses to be cowed.

Aluns doom, gloom and self-sacrifice actually was at times a bit too much for me, but David proofs a reliable counterpoint for the most part.
There also where a few logical incongruities, which I managed to ignore for the most part though, because it didn't really feel detrimental to the plot.


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