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Cover des Buches LOVE (St. Barts Romance Series Book 1) (ISBN: B00YZS687M)

LOVE (St. Barts Romance Series Book 1)

Erschienen am 05.06.2015

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Cover des Buches SEDUCED a bad boy millionaire movie star romance (ISBN: B01F4NVRR2)
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Nice read but....
IraWiravor 8 Jahren

Okay, I must admit that this book or better this series was a nice read but unfortunately it couldn't completely convince me. The books presented a string of catastrophies, betrayals, inscurities and so on which were interesting in the beginning and of course I wanted to know how the story goes on so I started with the next book and the next and... You get the meaning.
Actually, after a couple of books I lost interest for a while because I felt that it was a bit too much of all those bad things happening while that characters stayed somewhat flat.

Sunny, our heroine, was indeed sunny and sweet and...well, of course it is delightful to have such a person around but I missed some edges whereas Sven, our hero, sometimes had too many of them. Okay, I liked him despite his flaws because he is very likeable in fact with his adoration of Sunny and such - if he doesn't screw things up - but I felt that the characters on the whole were lacking some depth.

It was a nice read but I had no problem putting the book down every now and then and even needed to read something else in between because it just was too much of the same seemingly neverending cycle of events.

I liked it, I don't regret reading it but I won't read it again.

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