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Short Tales Of Murder And Mayhem
TheRavenkingvor einem Jahr

Recently I have made it my habit to read one story from Mystery Weekly Magazine before going to bed. And it has turned out to be fun bedtime reading. There is a great diversity to the stories, some are modern thrillers, others hardboiled private eye tales or humorous stories, there is also the occasional classic whodunit or even locked room mystery.

The March 2017 issue contains following stories:

These Little Things That Lead Us Down Dark Alleys by Michael McGlade – After the death of his girlfriend from a drug overdose a man searches for the people responsible. There is a touch of Taxi Driver to the proceedings as the narrator starts losing his mind entering a dark and depraved world. I really enjoyed this one.

Beyond The Grave by Edward Francisco – A short little tale featuring Edgar Allan Poe and the women in his life. It posits that Poe’s wife Virginia Clemm did not really die of illness but of poisoning. An interesting enough idea, but the brevity does not leave much space for fleshing out the background a bit better.

The Farmer And His Wife by Earl Staggs – A private detective searches for a young man who has gone missing from a farm in West-Texas. A solid story which could have been a bit more exciting though.

The Exquisite Agony Of The Interrogator by Peter Hochstein – What does someone feel who tortures and kills other people for a living? Does he experience remorse? Would a person like this be able to lead a normal family life? This is the subject of Peter Hochstein’s story. The tale involves some scenes of graphic torture, something I usually do not care about much, but otherwise it has some interesting elements.

Gem Collector by George Garnett – A thief helps out a prostitute in trouble. My favourite story in this issue: Witty, clever and just with the right dose of morality.

A Fair Trade by Ben David Orlando – A couple which organises kidnappings gets into trouble when a victim turns the table on them. If you are able to suspend your disbelief this is an entertaining story.

As usual there is a you-solve-it mystery at the end, this one took me a bit to figure out, but I believe I have eventually hit on the right solution.

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