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  1. Band 1: The Case of the Gilded Fly

    Ersterscheinung: 01.10.1991
    Aktuelle Ausgabe: 01.10.2009
    Yseut Haskell, a pretty but spiteful young actress with a talent for destroying men's lives, is found dead in a college room just metres from unconventional Oxford don Gervase Fen's office. The victim is found wearing an unusual ring, a reproduction of a piece in the British Museum but does this shed any light on her murder?
  2. Band 2: Holy Disorders

    Ersterscheinung: 01.11.1979
    Aktuelle Ausgabe: 05.04.2007
    Takes Oxford don and part time detective, Gervase Fen to the town of Tolnbridge, where he is happily bounding around with a butterfly net until the cathedral organist is murdered, giving Fen the chance to play sleuth. The man didn't have an enemy in the world, and even his music was inoffensive.
  3. Band 3: Moving Toyshop

    Ersterscheinung: 01.03.1981
    Aktuelle Ausgabe: 04.06.2015
    Richard Cadogan, poet and would-be bon vivant, arrives for what he thinks will be a relaxing holiday in the city of dreaming spires. Late one night, he discovers the dead body of an elderly woman lying in a toyshop and is coshed on the head. When he comes to, he finds that the toyshop has disappeared and been replaced with a grocery store.
  4. Band 4: Swan Song

    Ersterscheinung: 01.06.1947
    Aktuelle Ausgabe: 01.10.2009
    When an opera company gathers in Oxford for the first post-war production of Wagner's Die Meistersinger their happiness is soon soured by the discovery that the unpleasant Edwin Shorthouse will be singing a leading role. Nearly everyone involved has reason to loathe Shorthouse but who amongst them has the fiendish ingenuity to kill him?
  5. Band 5: Love Lies Bleeding

    Ersterscheinung: 01.06.1981
    Aktuelle Ausgabe: 05.04.2007
    Was young Brenda Boyce assaulted, and, if so, by whom? Who has broken into the chemistry laboratory, and what have they stolen? And what, if anything, is worth the risk of committing murder? This work revolves around events at the Castrevenford Schools, separate boys and girls institutions where small disturbances have surprising ramifications.
  6. Band 6: Buried for Pleasure

    Ersterscheinung: 01.06.1976
    Aktuelle Ausgabe: 01.10.2009
    In the sleepy English village of Sanford Angelorum, Professor Gervase Fen is taking a break from his books to run for Parliament. At first glance, the village he's come to canvass appears perfectly peaceful. But Fen soon discovers that appearances can be deceptive: someone in the village has discovered a dark secret and is using it for blackmail.
  7. Band 7: Frequent Hearses

    Ersterscheinung: 01.06.1971
    Aktuelle Ausgabe: 26.09.2013
    Stars, Starlets, Floozies and factotums to the film world - Gervase, Fen suspects them all...
    Gervase Fen is more at home in his ivory tower than in a London film studio, but Murder can take place anywhere, and aspiring actress Gloria Scott's suicide definitely looks like murder.
    Oxford don Gervase Fen is at the film studios to advise about a film biography of Alexander Pope. Gloria Scott appears to have had little reason for wanting to kill herself by jumping off Waterloo bridge, but someone has taken great pains to hide Gloria's real identity, and Gervase Fen's detective nose begins to twitch. When a lecherous cameraman is poisonded before his very eyes, Fen finds himself 'consulting' on a far more familiar matter: murder.
  8. Band 8: The Long Divorce

    Ersterscheinung: 21.04.1988
    Aktuelle Ausgabe: 16.06.2010
    The little village of Cotton Abbas is home to both an irritating influx of England?s newly rich and a deliciously weird clutch of long-time locals. Chief among the latter: Colonel Babbington, whose cat, Lavender, is remarkably clumsy and also convinced that he is responsible for saving the world from a Martian invasion. Lavender may be a little? odd, to say the least, but his unusual psychic gifts prove unexpectedly helpful to Fen (visiting incognito) as he attempts to discover who is responsible for the village?s epidemic of ugly anonymous letters.
  9. Band 9: Beware of the Trains

    Ersterscheinung: 01.06.1981
    Aktuelle Ausgabe: 26.09.2013
    How acute are your powers of perception? Do they begin to match those of Gervase Fen, Oxford don and sleuth supreme?
    First published in 1953, these sixteen short stories are classic examples of Fen's mastery of his art-solving the most insoluble cries where even the best brains in the police force are frankly baffled. They also allow you to flex your own crime-solving muscles: each story contains all the clues needed to anticipate the outcome, using logic and common sense... with a bit of ingenuity thrown in!
    Do you dare to take them on?
  10. Band 10: The Glimpses of the Moon

    Ersterscheinung: 01.05.1978
    Aktuelle Ausgabe: 20.12.2012
    When the first victim's head is sent floating down the river, the village's ruralcalm is shattered. Soon the corpses are multiplying and the entire community is involved in the murder hunt. While the rector, the major, the police and a journalist, desperate for the scoop of the century, chase false trails, it is left to Gervase Fen, Oxford don and amateur criminologist, to uncover the sordid truth.

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