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Inhaltsangabe zu „Gods (Eirik Book 3)“ von Ednah Walters

Welcome to the third and the final installment in the story of a Norse god who fell in love with a Mortal girl Eirik is relentless and unstoppable as he sets out to show Celestia how much she means to him. Not only has he fulfilled the promises he made his mother, his family is finally whole. Yet something doesn’t feel right and he can’t quite put a finger on it. Whatever it is may just destroy his plans to focus on Celestia and prove to her that they are meant to be together. Celestia’s life has changed since she regained consciousness. Eirik is attentive and loving, and everyone wants to be friends with her, including his psycho sister and her crazy mother. But when accidents start to dog her, she’s not sure whether she or Eirik is the target. There are no lengths she won't go to keep those she loves safe, but trying to figure out the source of danger alone might just kill her. Eirik and Celestia will learn that they are stronger together than apart as secrets are revealed, imposters are exposed, and real friends and family discovered. Keywords: Witches, New Orleans, Soul reapers, reapers, Hel, gods, magic, runes, Norse gods, dragons, dragon-shifters, giants, teen romance, Mortals

Brilliant conclusion of a wonderful and imaginative story!

— IraWira
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  • Brilliant conclusion of a wonderful story!

    Gods (Eirik Book 3)


    20. June 2016 um 22:52

    Wow, just wow! I don't know where to start because I really really love this book! It is simply amazing!I loved "Demons", a lot, and I thought that it couldn't get much better but then "Heroes" came out and I found that against all odds, it could get even better but I wasn't prepared for Gods being even better than that! I've read all the books in the Runes-Series and it's so great to see how the story and the characters develop and become more complex and even more authentic.This books concludes the story of Eirik and Celestia that started in "Demons". Those who have read the other books of the Runes-Series know Eirik rather well -  at least you might think that you now him well, these books show you a completely different side of the rather nerdy Eirik we encountered in the first books. The Eirik we meet now is the son of Baldur and Hel - confident, strong, a bit cocky and also very sweet and caring. Having seen him lose Raine and Cora to other guys it is really heart-warming to see him with Celestia now. I loved how those two care for each other and how they try to be there for each other despite all obstacles that they have to overcome.It is also really sweet to read about Eirik and his mother Hel, this awe-inspiring, fierce goddess of the underground who turns out to be very loving and, well, just awesome. There are many great characters in Gods that we've met before in "Heroes" and in "Demons" and I must admit that I hated to leave them behind when I closed the book. I also love how all the books of the Runes-Series are linked and  interwoven with each other. Reading "Gods", I always compared the timeframe with that of "Witches" and tried to find out what might happen next and... well.What I also really enjoyed is the development of the author. Having read all books in the series (and some others of hers as well), I think it is amazing to see how much her writing unfolds in the course of the series. Each one is better than the last and every time that I think it can't get much better, she proves me wrong. Brilliant writing, a wonderful, imaginative story with amazing and multifaceted characters in a complex and well constructed world - it can't get better than that! - Can it? To cut a long story short - I really love this book and I can absolutely recommend this series that is part of the Runes-Series.

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