Electa Graham Blood and Loss (Cassandra Myles Witch Series Book 1)


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Inhaltsangabe zu „Blood and Loss (Cassandra Myles Witch Series Book 1)“ von Electa Graham

If you lost everything that made you who you are could you recover? Would you be stronger than before or would you crumble under the mountain of grief? When Cassandra Myles is faced with this question her answer is to do what ever it takes to move on. She rebuilds her life and finds happiness once again. She doesn't do it alone, she has two very special men in her life, who have been there for her while she has recovered. One is her boss. His name is Quintus and he is a very old and very powerful vampire. He took her under his wing when she needed someone and now she would do anything to repay that debt. The other is her roommate Declan. He is caring, charming, gorgeous and in her eyes perfect in every way except one. Cassandra feels they are meant for each other and Declan feels he is meant for every woman who walks in his bar. Life might not be perfect, but it was filled with possibilities and she was going to meet them with strength, courage and when all else fails a huge dose of sarcasm. Then Quintus comes to her and tells her what was once lost can now be restored. A painful part of her past can be undone. Will this make her life complete or should some things remain buried. This novel contains several erotic scenes that may cause an increased heart rate and other more pleasant side effects. This novel is not meant for a younger reader. 18 + Blood and Redemption Book 2 - Cassandra Myles Witch Series - available now Blood and Reign Book 3 - Cassandra Myles Witch Series - available now Blood and Revenge Book 4 - Cassandra Myles Witch Series - preorder now release date - May 14th "this series kicks ass and read both books in it. want more and can't wait till it comes! a must read" Amazon Customer 5 stars "The story is well written and it impressed me by the thorough narration and detailed description of the author in each of her characters in the story. I enjoyed reading it and ilove it." Crisel 5 stars "I want to read more Electa Graham books I ended up finishing this book in one day I cried when of my characters died read this book you won't regret it" Michelle 5 stars "Absolutely Enthralling! Can't wait to read the next two in the series." Eugene Mclean 5 stars
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