A Vampire in Town (Night Eternal Book 1)

von Elena Terrell
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A Vampire in Town (Night Eternal Book 1)
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IN A TOWN OF PSYCHICS, VOODOO, AND MAGIC... THERE IS A PRESENCE THAT LUSTS FOR BLOOD... For Secret Lavalle, one of the best psychics in New Orleans, the travails of romance and crime are read daily in the palms of the unwitting who walk through the doors of her home. But these days, her mind is proving more mystifying than any other. She senses someone close by. Who is he, and why is he following her? Secret feels his presence. Will he be her protector? Or is he after something more in the blood? She hasn’t been with a man in ages, and a stranger who introduces himself as Kane Broussard incites intrigue, fear, and a touch of excitement in Secret. But who exactly is Kane—a potential friend and lover, or an evil being out for her blood? Meanwhile, from the rooftops of New Orleans – a town of psychics, voodoo, and bloodlust – Kane Broussard descends to confront the Blood Drinker. Just a young boy, the serial killer has an unknowing thirst. Kane offers the youth guidance, initiating him into his true identity. Is Kane, however, putting himself at risk? If you wish to read more, download now! READER ADVISORY: This story contains contents that some reader may find objectionable, including sex and erotic themes. BONUS FOR YOU AT THE END OF THE BOOK! EXCERPT Since he had already heard the scream, he knew what direction to take. It was, of course, too late to save the woman, but he could still catch the culprit and dispatch him in whatever way seemed appropriate. Moving with his supernatural speed, he was at the murder site in seconds. As he had known, the victim was long past any help humans or his kind could offer to her. Sniffing the air, he caught the scent he needed and followed. In no time, he spotted his prey. He stared at him in amazement. No wonder he continues to collect victims so easily, Kane thought. He looks as though he’s no older than fifteen or sixteen years old, and has the face of an angel. Before the boy could move in on his next target, Kane swooped down on him and flushed him into a deserted alleyway. Pushed up against the brick wall, the boy showed no fear until he got a good look at Kane’s face. Recognition, as well as terror, sank in rather quickly then. Even he knew who Kane was. RELATED BOOKS IN THE SERIES: Call of the Blood: Night Eternal 2 The Moon's Essence: Night Eternal 3 The Child of Twilight: Night Eternal 4 Night Eternal: the Night is in her blood... Download and discover why readers are raving about ELENA TERRELL. Scroll up and get the book now!


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