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  • Fun holiday book

    Unwrapping Hank


    09. February 2018 um 12:09 Rezension zu "Unwrapping Hank" von Eli Easton

    When Sloane joins a fraternity, everyone seems perfectly nice to him. Just not the presidents younger brother. Hank is a heavily-muscled and tattooed guy who acts like a tough jock, but he's got sensitive eyes and studies philosophy. He's a puzzle that Sloane would love to crack. The president, Micah, also tries to push his brother on Sloane and the get a companionable frenemy thing going, until Hank suddenly starts to avoid Sloane.When he can't visit his family for Christmas, Micah, invited Sloane to join his family for ...

  • Light, fluffy filler read

    The Trouble With Tony (Sex in Seattle Book 1)


    18. January 2018 um 13:47 Rezension zu "The Trouble With Tony (Sex in Seattle Book 1)" von Eli Easton

    Tony DeMarco is an ex-cop gone P.I. He is tasked with finding the murderer of a young woman who was also the patient at a Seattle sex clinic. To scope out her doctor, Jack Halloran, Tony starts as his patient, but as his cover story falls through he admits his real sexual problem to the doctor. Tony finds himself very much attracted to the doctor, but first he has to clear his name and find the real murderer. Another murder mystery romance, this one focusing more on the relationship.The murder mystery in this one was pretty much ...

  • Bad pacing, syrupy without giving the romance the required time to grow.

    Merry Christmas, Mr. Miggles


    29. December 2017 um 12:02 Rezension zu "Merry Christmas, Mr. Miggles" von Eli Easton

    Toby is the junior librarian in his home town. He's got a boyfriend who keeps borrowing money without paying him back and never like to do anything Toby enjoys. He's actually had his eyes on his boss for a bit, head librarian Mr. Miggles, who dresses very professional, speaks rather stuffy and seems a bit sad all the time. But Mr. Miggles is keeping a professional distance.But then Mr. Miggles is accused of a serious crime and the town board is trying to severely cut the library hours at the same time. I'm not sold on this one. ...

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