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Die Nacht

Die Nacht

Erschienen am 01.01.2013
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Der fünfte Sohn

Erschienen am 01.01.1987
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Mit offenem Herzen

Erschienen am 01.09.2012
Die Nacht zu begraben, Elischa

Die Nacht zu begraben, Elischa

Erschienen am 04.08.2016
Worte wie Licht in der Nacht

Worte wie Licht in der Nacht

Erschienen am 17.01.2017

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Rezension zu "Night" von Elie Wiesel

Lonechastesoulvor 2 Jahren

"Human suffering anywhere concerns men and women everywhere."

Night is a chilling account of the Holocaust and the dehumanization and brutalization of the human spirit under extreme circumstances.

This remarkable story is the powerful and deeply moving account of Elie Wiesel's personal experiences as a Hungarian Jew who is sent with his entire family to the infamous Nazi concentration camps of Auschwitz and later Buchenwald. The most chilling aspect of the narrative for me was the calm, casual way that so many of the nightmarish events that Elie witnesses were performed.

This is a book which is incredibly difficult to review, just like it is difficult to read - not for its language or its style, but rather for the horrifying events Elie Wiesel talks about. I can only recommend to read this book to everyone, independent from how much you already know about the topic.

Written in a simple, unsentimental style, this is one of those important life-changing books that I believe everyone should read. In fact, one that should be widely read, by people of all ages and nationalities, to prevent nightmare like this ever happening again.


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